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Thursday, July 21, 2016

A basic map and a few words for the Taj-Mah-Hauler

After the letters were added
We have a fifth-wheel trailer that I named the Taj-Mah-Hauler.
Of course I have to glamp it up a bit.
The latest glamping I have done is to take the very dark bedroom and lighten up the area behind the bed.
If you are familiar with trailers, the walls are very thin, and don't handle too heavy of items on them.
I was inspired by some maps I had seen on Pinterest.

Pinning is fun, but I wanted to make this thing happen, so one day, I got on Amazon and found a 24 x 36" map that I thought would look good in our bedroom.
You are thinking....a map?!
What am I thinking...

Well, here is what I did to make this happen.
First I got a map that was laminated.
Without adding much weight at all, I went to Hobby Lobby and had them cut a foam board to fit the map.
(If I ever do this again, I will just get a larger piece and glue it on and cut after it dries, as it was tricky getting the map on straight and in the exact spot you wanted it to stay)
Next, I got out some of the washi tape that I have collected and had not put to use!
A couple of layers worked out well, and gives the map a border that appears to look like a frame.

I have a wonderful lady in Florida that makes vinyl lettering (since I have never bought a Cricket or Silhouette) and she printed the saying I wanted to use on the map. I will share her info if you are interested in purchasing from her.  The company is known as  Gifts Galore and Home Decor.  She is wonderful and has made several other things for the trailer.
She was so kind to send me the cutest candle (artificial) for the campsite as well.

Within a couple of days, the letter were on my doorstep and it didn't take me long to get them on the map.
Before lettering was added

I used the 3M hanging velcro strips to attach the map onto the wall.
The installation was flawless!
What an easy and fun project, and I am quite pleased with how it turned out.

I think it lightened up the area quite well, and I see me tagging our travels on the map in the future.
Thanks to all the talented people on really inspires all of us to create our own little piece of heaven.

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