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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Roman Shades Room Renewal 2015

My son and daughter in law purchased their home in 2007, and we did blinds and some windows treatments in it.
They were very stylish at the time, but it was time to make a few changes.

New fresh 2015 update
This is how we updated the room.
We replaced valances and cafe treatments with a couple of custom roman shades.

The simplicity of the roman shades really do clean up a windows.
For the person that wants a little something on the window, but doesn't want draperies, this might be the right thing for you as well.
We lined the roman shades with a regular lining, but you can also use a blackout lining if you want a more dramatic look to the room.

Valance removed

We also took down a valance in the living room and used the same draperies, but put them on rings, and used a decorative rod.

Just wanted to share the new look, and see what a little bit of change can do for a room.
Hope you enjoy!

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