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Thursday, June 18, 2015

American Girl Dollhouse and Birthday Surprise

We have a granddaughter that is turning 7 this month.
Her mommy is wanting to have an American Girl Dollhouse built and would like for all the family to decorate a room.

I think everyone was on board with this idea, as it is a nice group effort to make a special someones day.

The house will consist of a living room, dining room, kitchen combo.
There will be a bedroom and a bathroom.
All the furniture was bought and the doll house was ordered.
The day of our granddaughters birthday, was very exciting for all of us.
The day consisted of getting said granddaughter out of the house so the dollhouse could be delivered.
I have to say it was perfect soon as Cooper was picked up, I pulled into the drive.
We grabbed a quick bite of lunch, and then it began.
The gentleman that made the dollhouse shows up about 15 minutes later.
With a lot of maneuvering my son and the gentleman was able to weave their way through the obstacles of doorways and place the dollhouse in its new home.
It is absolutely beautiful!!!!
His workmanship was great and it looks perfect!  (note the stained wood floors and real wood shingles on the roof)  KBCWoodCreations

Next....decorating it!

All the wooden furniture has some assembling to be done!
The kitchen was packed quite nicely as well, and Heather spent a lot of time unwrapping all the small pieces.

Between my mom, Heather, my son and myself, we made great time and was able to get everything in its place in record time.

Believe it or not, within about 2 hours we had the dollhouse looking like something a little 7 yr old girl would spend many hours playing with.
Heck, I would love to sit and play as well!

The finishing touch was the lighting.

On one of my trips to Hobby Lobby this morning getting things together for party later this evening, I found Locker Chandeliers.
Heather and I had talked about them, but was not able to find any...but looks like our lucky day!
Yes, and they are so cute!
We put 3 lights in the dollhouse.
They are battery operated and give off such a sweet glow.

Heather closes the door to our granddaughters bedroom that she has decorated with streamers and pom poms until the party later this evening.

With all the trash and boxes loaded in my car we exit stage left.
We are out of here.
Granddaughter returns around 2:30, to the closed and decorated door to her room.

Fast forward to 6pm.
All the family has arrived and we are so exited to have the big reveal.
I sneak in the room so we can have a video of her opening the door to her room and her new dollhouse.
She was so sweet and I think somewhat overwhelmed with the whole thing.
Operation "Dollhouse" was a success.....and I have to say it was sooooo much fun to work on!

Heather says that Cooper and her little brother have been playing in the dollhouse non stop.
What an exciting and fun 7th birthday we had.
Hope Cooper remembers this one for a long time, because I sure will!

So glad that Heather came up with this idea and included all the family with her dream.
It was a total delight to help make it all come together.
Great job Mommy!!!!