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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Duck Egg Blue Chalkpaint...Finally!

My last post was about the transformation of an older sofa I have had for years.
This post is to complete the circle of events.
Since we bought the new TV, the whole living room has been in an uproar.
First the sofa leaves, and then the TV.
We have had the large TV encased with black wall units and shelves.
This is all gone.
I have re homed the cabinets to my husbands office.
His old shelves were needing what better way to do this.
The light bridge is being stored for now.
So you can see, I have been in a total mess.
I don't like messes, and I don't like things to be unorganized, so I have to get a grip on this, and finish my redo.

A friend told me about a piece of furniture that he thought I would like for our new TV to sit on.
I was wanting a fairly long piece, as the wall is very big, and something small would not only be dwarfed by the wall, but the new TV as well.

I loved the furniture, and the deal was made.
I now owned a blonde piece of furniture...that would become some other color, as soon as I could figure out what "that" color was going to be.

I tossed around distressing it black...been there, done that.
I thought about doing it a white tone, distressed....still not there.
One evening I text my daughter in law, and asked her what she thought I should do.
She suggested a turquoise color....hmmmm, sounds interesting.

I got on my trusty IPad and starting searching.
I kept looking at Ann Sloan's Duck Egg Blue.
I have always loved that color, and never had anything to use it on.
I bet you can guess where this is going.

The color I selected was Duck Egg Blue from Ann Sloan.
I loved it just the regular color, but felt I needed to go ahead and antique it a bit, so it wouldn't be so loud in the room.
Not that the color is bright or anything, but since the piece was fairly large, I just didn't want it to jump out and be the only thing you see when you walk in the room.

I think I nailed it!!!
The new TV's have those sound bars, and I wasn't happy with the sound bar sitting in front of the TV the way it was, so my husband and I added a little shelf to it to tuck the sound bar away.

I have to say, I am very pleased with the outcome.
I know that my mismatched style of decorating isn't for everyone, but it works for us.
We just like a non stuffy and comfortable room.

I think I have achieved the look I was after. (but I am going to paint the walls)
At one point in this whole thing, I was wondering if I would ever like what I had done.
I made a mistake and bought a smaller area rug for the living room.
I knew I had made a mistake when I brought it home, but I thought I could grow to like it.
After all the dust has settled in the room, I still don't like the area rug.
I ended up moving this first rug to the dining area, and went back and bought the larger one.

Instant happy!
Sometimes you just have to stick with that "gut" instinct, and I guess looking back at the rug incident, I didn't want to lug that big ole rug to the car and home and unload myself.  (one of the purchases made when the husband was out of town)  :)

Things are getting back to a dull roar in the living room, and as I sit in my recliner and look around the room, I am pleased with the outcome.

I am so ready for the snow and gray days to leave Oklahoma.
It gives me way too much time to sit and think of more decorating changes I need to be making at our house.
But, hey, isn't that what I am supposed to do....but I think it needs to be for others homes, not mine!!!!

Bring on Spring...we are ready!!!!
Happy Decorating  :)

Working on a paint color at this time.  And a little more tweaking to be done.