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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Decorator in Crisis-Reclaiming a Old Sofa

My saga of the sofa started in October.
We have owned a great sofa for quite a while but
I just was tired of it being a sofa bed, and not needing to use it.
Our neighbors that live next to us bought a new home, and guess what!!!!
Yep, she was needing a sofa.
She love it, she bought it, and then it was gone.

Now starts that age old quest to find a new one.
Being in the "business" would make you think this will be an easy task.
Before I even got around to looking, my husband and I came up with a good idea.
I have owned a sofa for over 30 yrs.
It has been in a lot of places.
It's been in 2 stores, but when we moved to our home we are in now, I decided to bring it home and use in our back room.
The sofa has served us well back there.
The kids play in this area, and therefor the sofa was nice to sit and watch them play, or whatever it needed to do.

One evening while watching tv in our very "empty" room, I asked my husband if we could bring the sofa into the living area.

We did, and guess what, we like it.
The sofa is a Drexel Heritage and has really good bones.
It doesn't look like the sofas you will see in the furniture stores right now.
That is totally fine with me, because I always like the more eclectic look anyway.

That weekend a decision was made.
I was hot on the trail for fabric on Monday morning.
I visited a great little wholesale fabric company and walked out with my fabrics.
Wow, this was moving quickly!!!!!

This too shall pass, as I hit the brick wall.
You know the one.....seems like there is always one!

The holidays are fast approaching and my upholster is snowed under.
That's ok, I will just have my Thanksgiving and Christmas get togethers with my "old" sofa.
To tell you the truth, it is "old" but the fabric is still in very good shape.

So fast forward to the New Year.
It's my turn...well, or so I thought!
It is actually February before it actually happens.

During all this, we purchase a new tv, and the other end of the room has been in a total uproar.
Yes, I guess I love a challenge!
We got the new Samsung 60" Curved TV, and of course all the old stuff had to go!
But that is a different blog all soon as I get it written I will share this with you.

Sofa is finally finished, and delivered.
Much to my dismay, I was not happy with it!
I sat in my recliner staring at it....
I had restyled it a bit, and not put any of the nail heads back on.
It was just blahhh looking...and the cushion....OMG really!
I whined and discussed and cussed over the next few days.
Being snowed in doesn't help the matter.

My poor husband thinks he is married to a crazy woman.
I told him I can adapt to about anything...if my food isn't just right, it's ok....if something goes wrong in life, adjust!   But mess with my decorating, and I am a basket case.

I truly understand how my customers feel when they get something and it just isn't quite right.
I was all over the Internet....tagging pics on HOUZZ....
Then he light bulb's the looks so flat!
Looks really cheap to me...needs some loft!  More poof!!!

Finally get to open the store and get back in the regular grind.
This helps me handle things like. Business person and not a consumer. LOL
I make the call and explain my issue to the upholster.
His words are " bring in the cushion and I will fill it more".
How easy was that!
I also took the original kidney pillows to have them covered as well.
This sofa just has to have those pillows to make it comfortable.

I was so excited to get the call that he had the cushion and pillows ready in record time.
I rush them home and plop them on the sofa frame.
Instant happy!!!

I wanted to write this blow by blow accounting of my experience for people to understand that we as decorators get frustrated and have second thoughts as much as the next guy.

Happy to say the living area is finally coming together and I am beginning to like it again.

After all, isn't that really what it's all about....we just want to enjoy our little piece of our world....sometimes it's just easier to achieve than other times.

We must have to adjust our ideas and plans to make it all happen.
Signed, a Happy Decorator/client...  :)

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