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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bureau gets a new home

Our daughter in law knew I was out cruising Garage Sales a few weeks ago.  She sent me a pic and told me to be on the look out for a piece of furniture she could redo.  Sounds like a mission to me.

Wish I could say I found the piece at the next garage sale I went to, but instead, I found our grandson the cutest little Jeep bicycle....but that is another story.


I sent the inspiration pic to my good friend Phil.  He tells me he has a piece in storage that might fit the bill.  He said when he was over there the next time, he would send me a picture.

A few days have passed,  and I get a text with a picture attached.  I immediately love the piece.  I forward it to our daughter in law.  She is a teacher and the last thing she wants to think about is a furniture piece.  First thoughts from her is that she thinks it might be too tall.

Forward a week, and my husband and I are at the kids house as my son and him are going to install these wonderful new plugs in a couple of areas for them.  These plugs are the best things that have been invented if you are needing USB plugs.

Back to the bureau.  I asked Heather if she had thought much more about the furniture.  We get a tape out and measure the area she is wanting to put this said piece.  Looks like we have a winner after all.  She is thinking it will work great.  I make a call to Phil and ask if he still has the piece, and he says yes he does.  Consider it sold!!!!


Now for the fun part.  Our daughter in law is in love with chalk paint....almost as much as I am.  I don't think the piece sat in the garage for just a few hours, and she was on it.  She got the first coat of paint on it and let it dry for the rest of the night.

She has now put the second coat on and it has dried.  She has also distressed it.  Oh wow, this is really looking good.  The drawers are going to remain the original mahogany color.  They are a bit scratched, so Howard Refinish is used to clean them up and cover the scratches.

The piece was missing 2 pulls, so now the search to replace the originals or find 2 that match the originals.  The piece is made by Thomasville and it such a sturdy addition to their furniture.

So excited to see the new piece of furniture getting placed in its new home.  The accessories have been chosen,  and it has really been a fun project to see blossom.

Heather used CeCe Caldwell paint in the color of Simply White.  The Howard Refinish is mahogany.

The finished product!!!