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Friday, January 24, 2014

I'm Seeing "Red"

Does an idea just pop in your head sometimes?  Well, I am here to tell you, I have been thinking about my bar stools.  They are just these ugly wooden plain ole things.  They need something.  I have thought about colors to paint them...turquoise?  Yellow?  Nope, it's settled.....going to use the color red.

I am not sure if I chose this color because of all the "red" that I am seeing on the internet due to the up and coming Valentines day or not, but I just know, "red" is the color I need.

I have had a sample "Traverse City Cherry" for quite some time.  It isn't that deep barn red color that I really love, but a much brighter red.  Heck, might as well try it...It IS only paint, you know.  If I totally hate it, I can always go to Plan "B".

After the paint brush!  

The Polar Vortex and all this other weather is about to wear me thin, and I am getting bored with being stuck inside....and when that happens, you better look out, because I might just paint something.

The last statement brings me full circle.  I have paint brush and paint in here goes.

I think I am going to like the outcome.  Are you ready to take the plunge and paint something!!!

My color selection actually comes from this table setting that I have in the kitchen area.  You see, I have a larger table that has a turquoise painted top on it...I found this wonderful table square about a year ago, and I have just loved the pop of color that it adds to the kitchen.

The wonderful little cups came from a quick run into Starbucks over the holidays.  I saw them, and they were on sale, so you know the rest of that story.  :)

The I-phone pic doesn't really do the color justice, but you get the idea.  I think it has gotten me out of my funk.  I am really liking the pop of color.  So for now, I am Happy, Happy, Happy.  :)
Happy, Happy, Happy

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Antique Stove Obsession (again)

Me, have an obsession?...well, of course I do.  I love "stuff" and you know what that means.  I love to collect and move and change things.  There is one thing that I have had in my home for about 5 yrs. now and I just love them.  I wrote a blog about these stoves in 2012 and you can read it here( Stove obsession ) and the only reason I am writing about them again, is that I was over at Darla & Tommy's and his little shop was overflowing with these beauties.

Tommy is pretty obsessed with these things of the past.  With each year that passes, they are becoming harder and harder to find.  I just love what he is able to do with them, and keep the nostalgia of years gone by still in our homes....and they are safe.

I was at their home and took several pictures of a few of the treasures that he has finished and wanted to share them with you.  They are for sale, and if you are interested in purchasing one, please contact me and I will get you to the right people.  You see, Tommy is retired and this is how he loves to spend his day.  Keeps him active and our from under Darla's feet...LOL.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I there a "special" place in your home that one of these jewels would fit in.  If so, I know where you can get one.

Due to the delicate nature of these antiques, we can not ship.  If you are in the Oklahoma City area, you are welcome to look at the stoves they have in stock at that time.  Thanks for your understanding.