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Monday, October 14, 2013

Gliding into Fall with a New Glider

I have been on the hunt for a metal antique glider for quite some time now.  I get a call from my wonderful friend Phil, and he has found a cute glider at a local antique store.  He shoots me a picture and I tell him, I think I like it.

We discuss the price and I ask him to see what their bottom price would be for this lovely addition to my collection of stuff.  The store is having a 20% off sale..   Color it SOLD!!!!!

Did I mention how wonderful Phil is??!!  He not only found this treasure for me, but he is packing it in his vehicle and driving it to my house.  How special is that!!!!  

I really didn't get to check out my new piece until Saturday morning....and can I say, it's great!!!!   I  even love the rusty chippy color it is painted, a burnt orange tone.   Of course it doesn't hurt that fall is here, and it is ready for decorating.  

One side of the glider isn't gliding well, and my sweet husband comes out and takes it apart to see what is wrong.  Seems the ball bearings have slipped out and after we clean the dirt our of the glider, it's working a a lot better.  The bottom feet are missing so as of now we have some pieces of wood helping it sit up correctly.

I have been on the Internet trying to figure out what the bottom "feet" look like, and have found several pictures of gliders that look like my new find.  Seems it is a JR Bunting Piecrust Porch Glider.   For it to be such an old piece, it really is in pretty good shape.  I didn't want one that looks new.....heck no....I like the chippy rusty look.  

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