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Monday, October 14, 2013

Gliding into Fall with a New Glider

I have been on the hunt for a metal antique glider for quite some time now.  I get a call from my wonderful friend Phil, and he has found a cute glider at a local antique store.  He shoots me a picture and I tell him, I think I like it.

We discuss the price and I ask him to see what their bottom price would be for this lovely addition to my collection of stuff.  The store is having a 20% off sale..   Color it SOLD!!!!!

Did I mention how wonderful Phil is??!!  He not only found this treasure for me, but he is packing it in his vehicle and driving it to my house.  How special is that!!!!  

I really didn't get to check out my new piece until Saturday morning....and can I say, it's great!!!!   I  even love the rusty chippy color it is painted, a burnt orange tone.   Of course it doesn't hurt that fall is here, and it is ready for decorating.  

One side of the glider isn't gliding well, and my sweet husband comes out and takes it apart to see what is wrong.  Seems the ball bearings have slipped out and after we clean the dirt our of the glider, it's working a a lot better.  The bottom feet are missing so as of now we have some pieces of wood helping it sit up correctly.

I have been on the Internet trying to figure out what the bottom "feet" look like, and have found several pictures of gliders that look like my new find.  Seems it is a JR Bunting Piecrust Porch Glider.   For it to be such an old piece, it really is in pretty good shape.  I didn't want one that looks new.....heck no....I like the chippy rusty look.  

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wedding at Chukadi Acre 10-5-13

Lets see how this started.  Heather our daughter in law's sister Paige, is getting married.  There was a discussion about where to have a wedding.  Our home was talked about quite a bit.  I have to say, I always thought it would be a great place to have a wedding.  So, back about 3 months ago, the plan was hatched.

Paige wanted an outdoor wedding.  It is going to be in to say the least we never know about the weather, but we go ahead and start making plans. Paige has also chosen the colors of turquoise and red for her theme.

Heather is helping Paige coordinate the flowers and decorations.  One Saturday, I was invited to help with picking out some of the decorations.  Heather has an idea of what he is wanting it to look alike, and we buy the flowers for the arch and the isles.

I have an idea to use the flowers that go down the isle.  We will use the new turquoise mason jars that are available now.  I also think the mason jars would look really good on the reception tables, with candles in them.

So to say the least, the plan begins to come alive.  It's a relative simple wedding, and we are watching our cost as we go.  I actually have quite a few things that we can incorporate in the decorating of the area.  At least we won't have to buy that much.

I am so excited that I finally have a reason to paint my shopping cart turquoise.  You see, it is going to be the "gift basket".  That poor cart sat in the back of my store for over two years.  Finally one day, I asked my installers to just put it in their truck and take it to my house.  My husband thinks I have gone crazy when they drive up with it....but you have to admit it is pretty handy when we are taking or bringing back stuff from the house or shop.  Now it is going to be stylish as well, and I can paint over that name on the handle, and feel confident that it is mine!!!

I was able to find the cutest "Happily Ever After" on Etsy.  It will be used in the barn for decorating for the reception.  The barn was very easy to decorate, and makes a perfect place to house the refreshments and food for the reception.

The Reception Area

The table and chairs for the event were rented and delivered Friday.  We would have loved to set it all up that evening, but as luck would have it, we were supposed to get gusty winds and maybe rain along with a cold front.  The temperature for Saturday is supposed to be in the 60's.  The temperature this whole week had been in the 80's.  Crazy fall in Oklahoma.  So, to say the least we have our work cut out for us on Saturday.

The cold front comes through, and we have a very brisk wind on Saturday.  It isn't unpleasant as we have a beautiful clear day with lots of sunshine to get set up for this shindig.

The final results of all the planning were really wonderful to see.  This is one reason I love decorating...the final results!!!  This wedding venue is ready!  Let's have a wedding.

My husband handled the music for the wedding.  The bride and groom had made a play list on their Ipad, and our little blue tooth "rock" that my husband had bought several years ago, worked perfectly!!!

All in all I think it was really a hit.  I wish it would have been just a few degrees warmer as the sun set on the ceremony.  Would have been perfect to have a bon fire going, but with little ones running around, probably wouldn't have been a good idea.

I Do!!!  

Not sure if I would want to do attempt this again, but you just never know.  I for one really did enjoy the transformation of our acre of land into a wedding venue that was just the right fit for these two lovebirds.
The Bride & Groom 

  The pictures were all taken with my handy Iphone.  The professional shots are coming soon.  I can't wait to see what they captured.  I shot this last shot as the evening was winding down.  I just loved every minute of this crazy hectic but so very fun day!!!