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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Painting with Chalk Paint again!

"Old and out dated"
Time to start a new project.  We have a built in desk in our 1980's house. You know the one...everyone that has a home built in this era has one.  Well, it is time for a change.  Me and my trusty "Chalk" paint have a date to make some changes to this bad boy.

I have been procrastinating getting started on this, and I don't even know why.  I don't mind painting with this paint, as it is so easy to clean up.  I am using one of my favorites.  CeCe Caldwells Myrtle Beach Beige.  I am wanting a not too white look so it blends well with the tile in the kitchen.

New and bright 

Two coats later, I am ready to do a light distress on it and then I finish with clear wax.  I have found that Johnson's paste wax works really well, and since I had some at the house, I chose to use it.

I went with different pulls..none match!  

I am so happy with the finished product.  I also spruced it up with a few new pulls from my local Hobby Lobby.  They were running their 1/2 off discount on the pulls, so that made the project even more fun.  I love a bargain!!!

Bottom pulls are matching

I thought the new pulls would be a breeze to put on, but when an existing pull is on the 3" screw holes and the new ones (made in China) are 3-1/4" it takes a little longer, as you have to wallow out the hole a bit.  After about an hour of carefully making the holes a little wider, I accomplished my new desk.

Lighting is on, but will be changing very soon.

I have another built in that is in the living room, that is about to get painted as well.  I will take pictures when I am finished with it!!!!  So, what have you painted lately??  Nothing, you say....well, get busy.  Try the wonderful world of chalk and milk paints, you will love them.

Can you see that outdated under counter light? 

PS....As I look at the pictures, I think I need to get rid of the very old under counter light that I can see in this picture.  Just another little detail to make this project just right!

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