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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

To all our friends and family in Oklahoma

I am sure if you have seen any news in any state, there is coverage of our tornado outbreak that has hit our wonderful state. 

I am just wanting to let everyone know that yes, we have had a bit of a set back, but we will rebuild and make this state proud of our Okies!  What a wonderful outpouring of help we are seeing from all our families and friends in other states. 

Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts.  This is going to be a slow clean up but we will be fine.  Oklahomans are strong people. 

Facebook has been a wonderful tool to get information to and from displaced people and animals.  I saw this post from a friends feed and thought I would share it.  Never met this person, but I think her husband is saying what is in all our hearts. 

My hubby Jamey Curry just wrote this and I think it needs to be shared for everyone to see. He is from Oklahoma and our hearts go out to everyone. Maybe his words will be seen by many

You can blow us up,
But you can't break us down.
We will rebuild,
... In every town.
When 1 man falls,
10 will rise.
To dust him off,
And stand by his side.
Our hearts are broken,
For those we've lost.
Homes destroyed,
Vehicles tossed.
Takes more than wind,
To break our stride.
Standing united,
That's Oklahoma pride.
Please say a little prayer for all these people to be able to handle the next few days, as they are being stretched beyond belief.  Thanks to everyone  :)