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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My newest obsession, Air Plants :)

I love to read other people's blogs.  I have quite a few that I follow.  Not sure if any of you have people that you follow, and if you don't, I am telling you should.  One should be me...LOL....not that I have a lot to say, or show, but I think we learn so much from our friends in the blog world. I have to say I have met a lot of wonderful people via the blogs, and I have also found a lot of new things that I had no idea about.

My latest obsession is the "air plant".  If you have been around this ole world for a few years like me, you will remember these little plants.  They are from the bromeliad family.  I guess I always think of the large plants that I have seen in the past.  I really had forgotten about the small species. 

I was reading a blog Cherish Dream Live and she was posting about these wonderful little Air Plants she had bought.  I could hardly wait to finish reading her post to see if I could find myself some of these cute and quirky plants.  I went to the local Home Depot, and then to our local plant store.  No one had any.  I then checked on Etsy and found quite a few of these wonderful little plants are available on the world wide web.  :)  Yes, I was happy....and I ordered me some. 

The weather has been a bit cooler than usual, and the person I ordered from offered a heat pack to go in the box in case you were afraid of the plants freezing on their trip to your home.  I of course wanted them to be nice and warm in their little box during their trip to Oklahoma. 

My plants made it to the house in record time.  I was so excited to get them out of their paper bags and see just what I had gotten.  The buyer that I bought from had written their botanical name on each of the paper bags, and to make it easy for me to record them, I just took my handy I-Phone out and took pictures of each one of them. 

Now for the fun part.  Finding containers for my new found loves.  I have several toothpick holders, that my mother given me.  She used to collect them.  They are perfect for my newest additions. 

I put them in the containers, and then I remembered I had a couple of little tiny vases that were my grandmothers.  I dug out a very cute little yellow vase along with an orange one as well.  

My air plants are doing well.  They have a new home in my kitchen window.  They get the morning sun, and seem to be satisfied with their location.  I am still learning on how to take care of them, but I just take them out of their containers every 2 or 3 days and hold them under the water faucet for a few minutes.  Dry them off, and back they go in their little homes.  I just love that they don't have to have soil.  They are completely happy without it.

I understand that there is a fertilizer that you can use on them, but I haven't gotten any as of yet.  I am still thinking I may want a few more.  If you think they would be a fun addition to your home, please check them out online.  I am very pleased with the ones I bought.  Good luck and good growing.  :)


  1. OK.. so Nayana from Cherish Dream Live has inspired you too. We sail in the same boat, only you got the plants home much before me :)

    Those plants look cool in the tiny vases. And thanks a lot for sharing the online shopping option. I was waiting to go to the local nursery to find some plants for my house. Now, I know exactly what should be done. Thanks to you!

    My only concern, whether I can get the plants delivered to India. And if they do, will they survive the very hot summers here!! :\

  2. Those are so fun, Diane! I love the variety in the leaves. I hope you enjoy them!

  3. Moments like this makes blogging more fun. thanks so much. Your plants are lovely Diane.much bigger in size. mine have just started changing color at the tip. I am so excited..have fun.

  4. I remember these from a long time ago. I used to have some of the ones that looked like ferns. So clever the way you're displaying them and I like them grouped together in the tray.