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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sprucing up the Laundry Room


Sometimes, it is as easy as picking out a new fabric and replacing a valance to make the room you are tired of a brand new room.

That is what I did in our Laundry Room.  I had the valance and the accessories for quite a while now, and it was time to update.

Loving the new gray and yellow colors that are now in the color pallet for 2013, I was on a quest to find a fabric that would blend with the beige I have along with adding a new touch.  Since I have the pewter color HE washer and dryer, I think the gray tone will be a nice addition.

It didn't take that long to find that perfect piece of fabric.  I like the more modern flower that I chose.  I am in love with the gray, taupe, and gold that is also in it.  Like I said, sometimes it just takes a piece of fabric to make a person feel like the whole room has a new feeling.  My walls are not a creamy yellow as they look in the pics.  Sorry, my camera thought they were...LOL  They are really an alabaster color in person.

What room do you want to spruce up?!  Let's get started.

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  1. Frozen Charlottes are so sweet... broken, yet still romantic, and probably more so because they are broken.