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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Irish Eyes are Shining (at our house)

March is finally here.  I am so ready for Spring.

I have been decorating my little area for St. Patricks Day.  I didn't add very much, but I think it's kind of cute.

My Frozen Charlotte Dolls are hiding in some green Easter grass I got at the local Walmart.
Did you know that you can get just heads or torseau of these dolls.  I am partial to the full bodies with their heads and what limbs they have left on them attached.  LOL

My typewriter is ready for St. Patrick's Day as well.  I found the little lights at Target, and think they just look pretty cute on it.

The ball jars were purchased about a year ago at a garage sale.  I almost forgot about them.  The shamrock is perfect for this holiday!

I have a favorite wooden shamrock that I like to add to the front door.  My dad cut this out in 1984, and he has been gone for over 20 yrs. now, but I still put it out.  I know he smiles when I do!!!

How about you turn anything green for St. Pat's?

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Frozen Charlotte Dolls

I was reading a blog and this lady had a bowl full of "frozen Charlotte" dolls.  I guess I am living under a rock somewhere, as I never knew they were called that.  I have noticed them on pieces of jewelry, but had no idea they had a name.

Of course, I had to search and find some of these little dolls.  Etsy is my best friend when I am on a mission.  I just love Etsy.  Not sure if you have checked out Etsy or not, but you should.  There is everything you could ever want and probably don't need!!!

My delivery of my dolls came Friday.  I was so excited to open them.  They look just like the pictures.  Now I have to figure out what I am going to do with them.  I think they will be displayed in a bowl, but have to find just the right bowl.

I have shared a link to the definition that Wikipedia gives for the dolls.  You can find it here.
More information is available here from squido.

I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I did.  You might even find you would like to have a few of these old treasures.  They are a very good conversation piece to say the least.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sprucing up the Laundry Room


Sometimes, it is as easy as picking out a new fabric and replacing a valance to make the room you are tired of a brand new room.

That is what I did in our Laundry Room.  I had the valance and the accessories for quite a while now, and it was time to update.

Loving the new gray and yellow colors that are now in the color pallet for 2013, I was on a quest to find a fabric that would blend with the beige I have along with adding a new touch.  Since I have the pewter color HE washer and dryer, I think the gray tone will be a nice addition.

It didn't take that long to find that perfect piece of fabric.  I like the more modern flower that I chose.  I am in love with the gray, taupe, and gold that is also in it.  Like I said, sometimes it just takes a piece of fabric to make a person feel like the whole room has a new feeling.  My walls are not a creamy yellow as they look in the pics.  Sorry, my camera thought they were...LOL  They are really an alabaster color in person.

What room do you want to spruce up?!  Let's get started.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Don't sit still or I might paint you!

I have been on a painting spree this week.  My friend Phil, has brought over some pieces of furniture that we had discussed needed to be painted with some chalk paint so they would sell.

He has a booth at the Britton Street Mall, and has moved to the front of the store in a little room all to himself.  So it's time to try some new stuff and see how it goes. 

I first painted this cute little side table.  I wanted to paint it first because it was so cute.  I used CeCe Caldwells Myrtle Beach Sand, and finished with the aging cream.  I think it turned out so cute.  It is at the Mall waiting for someone to take it home. 

Next on the agenda was a oak sofa table.  Nice straight lines and I thought it needed to be gray.  I used CeCe Caldwells Pittsburgh Grey on this piece.  I used the aging cream on it as well.  It no more made it to the mall, and a lady and her friend were there shopping and one of them snatched it up. 

The third and final piece I have painted this week, ( I told you I was on a roll) is a butt ugly little table.  Now that butt ugly part comes from me.  I just didn't like the little guy.  Sorry, but sometimes that is just the way it is.  For this special little piece, I decided to make my own Chalk Paint.  Have been reading about it all over the Internet and decided might as well try it on this piece. 

I am here to tell you, I think it has become a very cute table.  I will let you be the judge, but I think the ugly duckling has turned into a swan.  I really like the lime accent stripe. 

I am putting up the brushes for the weekend.  My arms are tired....LOL. 


Hope you have a great weekend...Paint something.....It makes your world a little brighter.