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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bar Clean Out and a new coat of paint :)

Today is the day.  I have talked about painting the bar for quite a while.  So today, I do it.  Not sure why today is the day, but it just is.

The grey days that we have had for the last few are getting to me, and I have to add some pizazz to my life, and what better way to do this with paint and paint brush in hand.

The bar has been painted this nice melancholy sage green for about 6 or 7 yrs. now.  It is too dull.  I have had some aqua paint hanging around the house.  It was actually bought for the front door, but I just never have gotten around to that either  :(  I think part of the procrastination on the front door is that I really like the red door!!!  I have used some of the aqua paint for the top on the kitchen table, and I am very fond of the color.  So bright and fresh.

The bar is a total mess.  I have ignored it for quite a while.  I haven't dusted, moved, touched anything for a while.  I start pulling out everything that is in this 5x8 little alcove that is noticeable from the kitchen as well as the living room.

I can't believe all the "stuff" that was in there.  Oh my...there is even a pellet gun sitting on the bar.  Goodness girl, you need to clean!

"Stuff" has been removed, and I start painting.  I am so proud of myself, as I didn't get in a hurry and try to rush things.  I trimmed everything and then came back in with the roller.  Went pretty fat considering all the cleaning out I had to do.

The dull grey day has finally opened to some sunshine, and for a January day, it is very nice.  The paint dries very well, and I am cleaning glasses and starting to put this project back in place.  Some of the old will not go back in there.  Time to get rid of some of it.  That is the one nice thing about taking everything out of an area.  You can pick and choose what you want to put back in it.

Still working on an idea for area.  I think I want to add more clock.  I just love my clocks.  But that is another blog all together.  Anyway, I think I am going to be happy with my choice of color.

I will be "tweaking" it for weeks knowing me, but here is what it is looking like so far.  I see from the picture I need to conseal the cord from the light that I have put on the top shelf.   What do you think!?  I think it is Clean!!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Time to decorate for Valentines

Hopefully you have put all the Christmas decoration away and are ready to do a little decorating for Valentines Day.  I love that you can leave some of the red accents from Christmas out, and they look great.

My typewriter have become the focal point that I seem to gravitate to when I want to do a theme decoration.  I love how the area looks.

I have had the grungy light for several years now.  I enjoy using the little light as it makes the area seem more alive.  I don't keep it out very long, but I really do enjoy it.  Strange how some things we purchase stay with us for a long time, and others, well, they hit the road rather quickly.  :)

I was able to get one of the flat picture frames at Michales, and I just love the way it "frames" my little girl that I use on the front door.

Thanks for stopping by...Have you gotten your Valentines decorations out yet...It will be here before you know it!!!