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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Final post for 2012

I didn't start this blog until late in the year, (September)  so I can't say that I had very many entries for this year.  I have really enjoyed writing it, as it helps me document the "stuff" I buy and just fall in love with.  For me it is a way to show a more creative side of the business.  Not sure what next year will bring, but I can bet I will find some more exciting pieces that just have to come home with me.

I am learning a lot about the blog world.  I have found if you do blog hops it helps build blog stats.  You have a good chance of getting other people to follow your blog as well as you find others that you enjoy and want to follow.  There are some very nice people in blogland.  I am learning a little at a time, and enjoy it very much.  Still have troubles linking back to a blog.  I am working on it....any help would be greatly appreciated.  My stats are showing that I have had 719 views as of this evening, and that is from 16 post.  Not too bad!!  The post that got the most views was More Milk Paint (I'm on a roll)  with 98 views.  Thanks to everyone that has read and followed me this year.  Hope I haven't bored you to death.  LOL  Remember, I am still learning.  Funny thing as I have written my blog on our travels on the motorcycle for 2 yrs. now, but this is the first year to go public.  Just seemed to make sense so our friends that I write about can find it easily.   I have really enjoyed the response from everyone.  If you would like to follow the personal side of me you can find my other blog at My Life As We Know It  

What I did on Friday Dec. 28th and what I found  :)

I was asked to go to Weatherford Ok. this last week to measure for some blinds for a customer we have done a lot of work for.  It was actually snowing when I got the call, but it looked like it was going to clear off pretty quickly so might as well make the trip and do a little work.

My side kicks, mother & Louie went along with me.  The roads were dry by the time we hit I-40.  We got to Weatherford and the only snow left to view, was on the beautiful green wheat fields.  I am sure they were very happy to get a little moisture.

Measuring is done, and now we get to play.  Hit a couple of antique shops that I love to shop at when we are in this little town.  The first store I found  a really cute bowl & cup set.  It is for Christmas.  The cups say "Egg Nog".  Love the size of the cups, as they will hang on my cup rack just perfect!

We went to "Trudy's" and walked around.  I seem to usually find something there every time we go.  I came out with a cute little piece of luggage.  We were told that she is moving at the end of January to the downtown area.  Glad she told us, as I would have hated to drive by and think she had gone out of business.

Our little trip roughly 60 miles from home was a good one.  I did a little work, and found a couple of treasures.  Can't ask for much better than that, now can you.

Happy New Year....see you in 2013.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Que the flowers (bloom) 12-20-12

I love it when something goes right.  I had planted some paperwhite and an amaryllis bulb a few weeks ago (because I read a blog from a much more organized person than I) in hopes that they would bloom near Christmas. 

Wow, today I walked by the amaryllis and I have 2 blooms.  Its a twin!!!  How exciting  :) 
and the paperwhite, although they are leaning abit, have started to bloom. 

I tried to add the alcohol to the paperwhites as I had read if you use a little alcohol instead of water, it would keep the paperwhites shorter.  I must have started watering with the alcohol a little too late, cause mine are pretty large.  I am just happy to say "they are blooming".  Right on Que!!!

Now if everything else will fall into place that easy, I can sit back and enjoy this Christmas! 

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and your flowers bloom on Que as well  :) 

PS....After the amaryllis has finished blooming, I take it out of the water and let it dry.  I then, plant it in the flower bed in the early spring.  Here in Oklahoma, they will come up and bloom in the early Summer.  Another bonus!!!  :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tis the season to get new "stuff"

I know, I know, it is Christmas and we are supposed to be shopping for everyone on our list.  Well, I guess my name is on the list, cause I found something that just had to be mine...all mine.

I have been on the lookout for an old typewriter.  You know, like the ones you see all over the blogs.  I have seen some but they just didn't seem right.  Then while browsing on Craigslist, I found it....
Yep, found me a typewriter.  My husband thinks I am a bit crazy, but there it was....I made the girl an offer and she took it.  I am so excited!  Come to find out she wasn't very far from the store, so she even delivered it to me.

Dang, I had no idea that the thing was going to weigh almost 40 lbs...LOL

Not sure how much it weighs, but I can tell you it is ALL there!  It is an LC Smith.  She told me it was made in like 1920.  I just love it. The keys are all still there.  I am too excited to display it, so the cleaning will come a little later.  Our friends were over and her husband used to work on these ole things, and he suggest I take it to the car wash and clean it up.

I think it is adorable...what do you think!!!  Am I just crazy!  LOL...well, of course we all know the answer to that one...Yes, yes I am....but it is so much fun to be crazy for decorating!

By the way, Merry Christmas!

PS....That's my elf, Lollypop sitting by the typewriter...My sweet granddaughter named her!  She informed me she didn't look like her "elf on the shelf".  I told her Lollypop was very old, just like her grandma.  :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Door is Decorated For Christmas

You know how it is, you see a wonderful blog and you just love the idea that you see, but really, will you ever make it?  I do the Pinterest deal, and I have to say, I have pinned a whole lot more ideas, than I have ever made or followed through.   As I read  a blog "That's My Letter", she had made these wonderful over sized tags for her front door.  The ones I originally saw were for Thanksgiving.  Then she made the ones for Christmas.  Well, I think it is time to make this little project happen.  Off to the local lumber company, and purchased the lumber I would be needing.  Her origional blog was "W" is for wood tag"  if you want to see her creation and get the directions on how to make them.

My wonderful husband did the few cuts that had to be made.  I changed up the font as I was unable to find the one that Jaime used on hers.  I think they turned out very cute.  I really appreciate the wonderful directions that Jaime gave on her blog.  I think they turned out very good, what do you think?