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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Prepairing for a Barn (Garage) Sale

I am busy cleaning out the store and the house so I can get some of this wonderful stuff out of my house and store and into a new place.....LOL.....Planning on having a sale at the house in the new barn that finally has a concrete floor in it.

I think a party would be so much more fun, but I have to get some of this stuff gone.   Too darn much stuff.  Organize and clean out....  :)

As I was digging out under one of the beds, I found a lot of art that is going to be in the sale.  I also found a wonderful piece that a friend had given me a few years ago.  It is so fitting for the fall season, and it makes me so happy to have found it.

The friend that made this owns a framing shop next to my shop.  She is a very talented artist, and she painted the leaves around the poem as well as writing the poem on the matte board.  I just love it, and the little poem she tells me is something she has had for many years.

Hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Happy October everyone.

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