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Friday, October 19, 2012

After the Barn Sale and a can of Chalk Paint 10-19-12

God is great, God is Good, We thank him for this food.
I had the big ole Barn Sale last weekend, and the weather didn't want to cooperate, but at least everything was in a dry area.  Had some really nice people come and buy some of the "stuff"....just didn't get rid of all of it. 

It has all been boxed up and waiting for a friend to come and pick it up because they are doing a fund raiser for someone they know that has a lot of medical issues.  Hopefully they can make some money for them with our left overs.  Now when I say leftovers, I mean about 2 pickup loads of "stuff". 

I was totally amazed at what sold and what didn't.  I had some really nice accessories that I felt were shop worn, and time to get rid of.  They didn't sell...Some really nice crocheted afghans and doilies.  Nope, they are still there.  Strange what sells, and what sits. 

My mom did some much needed deep cleaning, and she brought over a lot of things that were hand made from my grandma, and hey, I know I don't want them, and I really know my kids aren't interested, so might as well go ahead and part with them. 

One of the things she brought were these hard shelled place mats.  I looked at them, and decided they had to be mine.  No one even looked at them.  I had plans for these babies.  They were going to get a coat of chalk paint, and then everyone that didn't buy they would be so jealous....LOL.

I got the place mats out, and cleaned them with soap and water.  In a matter of minutes, I had all 4 of them painted with my spray chalk paint.  Side note to this is if something is sitting around long enough, it will either be painted with chalk paint  or glittered.....  (I even painted the rusty ole refrigerator that sits in our garage holding all the pop and water and beer.  Looks really cute, and I put a note on it for my husband to have a great day.   Hope he notices it!!!)

 OK, back to the place mats.  They are finished and sitting on the kitchen table.  Now, what do I write on them???  I am not a graphic artist person, but I went ahead a wrote a simple little prayer on each of them.  I think it turned out cute!!! 

You know the old adage, "one mans junk is another mans treasure"....I think this is proof of it.  What junk have you turned into treasure lately? 


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