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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Let me tell you a little bit about myself

My name is Diane Higdon, and I am the owner of Blinds & Designs Too, in Oklahoma City.  You may wonder what the Too is for in my store name.  At one time we had two stores in the Oklahoma City area, and the Too, was a play on the quantity 2 and "also" as well. 

I have been in the decorating business for a very long time.  I have owned my store since 1981.  There have been a lot of ups and downs in the business, and many time I have thought I would just like to get out and "get a real job", but things always seem to work out and I am still here after all these years.  I am so very lucky to be able to come to work every day, and enjoy it.  I think that says a lot for this work I do. 

The store has evolved in many ways through the years.  We used to sell wallpaper....and you know where that is going.  Not a lot of wallpaper being used in the past years.  More faux finishes on the walls.  We used to carry a line of bedspreads, coverlets, and comforters called Nettle Creek....The decline of custom made bedding and the economy lead to the demise of that company.  Seems like everyone sells bedding and accessories anymore.  No need for that "custom" look.  But, if you find you are needing one made, we can handle that need. 

I have been able to tailor the store down to custom blinds, draperies, and upholstery. Our pricing is much better than the box stores, and you get some personal attention along the way. 

I love to change things around in the house, and have always wanted to have an outlet to show pictures of what I have done, so I am hoping I can blog about those accomplishments, or failures here on this page. 

Hope you find it interesting enough to "follow" me.  If you have any ideas, or questions, maybe we can use this forum to get you the results that you are wanting to make your home and life "just the way you want it".  You can also find the store on Facebook. 

Enjoy and lets Decorate. 


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